Start your own webshop

With a bit of free advice online, you can easily create online store. We show you how to create their own online store. Here you get all the information you need to get started.

Starting a webshop

How to start an online store: If you do not have a domain or hosting, start by buying hosting and a domain (it can be very cheap, even for high quality hosting). This article will help you with some ideas. If you already have a site, consider using a search engine booster to increase the traffic to your store.

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We'll tell you how to create an online store. Completely free and without obligation, but first a little about the basics of starting online store:

  1. Idea. No shop without a good idea. There are so many online stores now, you have to have something unique for success. Do not just copy everyone else. What 's so great about your online store that allows customers would rather buy from you than anywhere else? All - commerce successes start with a good business idea.
  2. Starting company. If you want to buy a. com domain must have an account. If you /.net /.org or other domains can also be individual. Nevertheless, it is probably best to start a business right away. Prepare for success. It's easy to start company, it makes you Fill out the form " Coordinated register notification " and off you go. If you start a sole proprietorship is completely free, a corporation costs a few hundred Euro plus you must have 30,000 in equity (previously it was 100,000 and auditing, now this is modified AS).
  3. Domain and hosting. Secure your domain first as last! To get your store online you also need a web host. It's best to buy web hosting and domain from the same company. We recommend that you purchase the domain and hosting at Bluehost, here you get free domain when you rent web space.

How to create online store?

It 's easy to create an online store, and you really need any web developer to do this for you. The advantage of doing everything yourself, saving you a lot of money.

There are many free scripts (programs) with ready- commerce solutions, where payment solution, product presentation, customer administration and everything else is included. This is FREE and things you do not need to pay for.

The simplest is that you install the script directly from your webhost. If you use Bluehost this is very easy. Everything you do (after buying web hosting and free domain received from the) is click it to where the scripts are located (refer to individuals, all Bluehost customers receive information on this).

Then install the online store. This is just as easy, and you need not be particularly computer literate to get this far.

Then you can also configure the online store. Some payment is automatically in the system, but you can also add the required payment. Bluehost is good at customer support, and if you need more help than what they can offer you can always outsource the configuration of your shop, this is done for example via Freelancer.

This is a superb method to start an online store. Much better than the " complete package solutions' online stores that are round about

Dropshipping, alternative to traditional online shop

Dropshipping is a business model that makes it more comfortable to drive commerce.

In brief, dropshipping out that you are selling goods directly from the supplier, instead of having the goods in our warehouse. You buy any goods until someone buys the goods from you and this eliminates much of the risk as traditional online stores.

The biggest challenge in dropshipping is to find reputable companies. Your reputation depends on the quality of the dropshipper for their deliveries. For eksempek, if the dropshipper does not supply the product to the customer on time, this will put you in a bad light too. Therefore, it is important to find good partners if we are to engage in dropshipping.

We recommend Salehoo, where you can find a large list of dropshippere. This is the biggest and best listing of reputable companies worldwide. Costs a bit, but is worth the investment if you want to start with dropshipping.

How to get traffic to your online store

Many online store and think that when they finally made ​​the online store ready, so customers will get the assembly line. This is not so.

How do you get traffic to an online store?

The ideal is to give such good deals that friends begin to recommend the store to other friends, who in turn recommend their friends, and finally know who are interested in these products on online store. It must in that case be extremely good deals. Newest iPhone to 1/ 2 price... and so on. The problem is sevlfølgelig that it is rarely economically viable to provide such good deals that the market is starting to talk about your particular online store. Then you have to find something else.

To get traffic to your online store, you must do one of these:

  • Buying ad space. There is stiff competition for customers, and to get attention usually costs money. Possible ad sites are radio, television, newspapers, and especially the Internet. Since your shop is online, it is natural that you focus primarily on online ads. When you have several options: Buy banners, sponsor bloggers with products from your online store, buy text ads (PPC, Google Adwords and similar). The problem with all this is that it costs a lot of money. There is a cheaper alternative.
  • Make storefront visibility in search engines. If one of the online store sells affordable watches, you want to be visible in the search engines when a potential customer searches for things like " cheap watches ". One good tip is to use Search Engine Submitter that can help you become more visible in search engines and multiply your traffic in a few weeks.

Now you are ready to start your own online store

Who have read until here, now have all the knowledge you need to start a successful online store at cheapest and best way possible. If anything should be unclear: Read this article again. Everything else you wonder, you will get answers by reading the pages we 've linked to.

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