Dropshipping: Starting a webshop without inventories!

Dropshipping allows you to sell directly from the wholesaler. It works like this: You receive an order from the customer, the order is forwarded to wholesale, wholesale will send the goods to customer and pay you your profit margin.

dropshipping webshop

Start a webshop without buying or owning any inventories! Here is a list of serious dropshippers around the world.

22. April 2024 by Click insider / Full-time Online Jobs

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Dropshipping is excellent for those who want to start their own online store or sell goods on the internet via online auctions, but who do not want to take the risk of buying your own items.

It is incredibly easy to start an online store. Yet there is much risk involved in purchasing the goods. What if you do not get sold all the goods, or if you have to sell at a loss? Dropshipping eliminates this risk.

Salehoo is an excellent place to start if you want to start with dropshipping. Here you will find information on thousands of drop shipping companies around the world, and all the help you need to get started on your own.

How Dropshipping works

Do you do dropshipping, you have no inventory itself. Products " will" is thus located in another stock that you do not own and you do not even own the products you sell.

It is your Dropshipper that owns the products and receiving your orders, and further send the products directly to your customers. A dropshipper can be a wholesaler, a manufacturer, a factory, or another store.

When the customer buys a drop shipping product from you, paid the advance, this is the most common way to sell products on the online stores today. You thus receives an order from a customer, a product you do not own, but which are located in the dropshipper. What now?

Order you received, forwarded dropshipper. You also pay for the item, but you pay less to the dropshipper than what the customer paid for you.

If you sold a TV for 10,000 dollars to the customer, and the dropshipper will have 6.000 million for the same TV including handling and delivery to the customer, you have earned 4,000 million.

The beauty of drop shipping is that you do not need to buy the goods, pack items and ship the goods out to the customer. You act as an intermediary only accept cash.

Prerequisite for success is that you have an online store with drop shipping products, or you sell dropshipping products on eBay, finn.no or other auction sites.

Principle of dropshipping is very easy to understand.

The biggest challenge is to find dropshippere.

What do you sell and what dropshippere can you trust? You must pay the dropshipper after all some money, and expect that the dropshipper delivers the goods to the customers in a timely manner and in a way that makes both you and customer satisfaction.

Why drop shipping?

There are many reasons to sell products directly from the supplier rather than buying the items themselves first. Here are the main advantages of dropshipping:

No purchase goods. You do not buy the goods first. Instead, it is the customer who buys the goods first, and then buy back the same item from the dropshipper. It costs nothing to start with dropshipping, the only item of expenditure is to set up your online store, and feel free to also pay for a list of serious dropshipping companies (Salehoo has been mentioned).

No stock. You do not have any stock. It is possible to have hundreds of products in your online store, hundreds of thousands of customers, and continue to operate the online store from an ordinary computer. In other words, it is possible to drive to sell dropshipping merchandise on a large scale without spending much.

Simple. Dropshipping is the easiest way to run a business online at. At least for you as a seller. All you do is make sure that your shop is in order. YOU do not even have an online store, then you can also sell your products directly on finn.no or eBay - use your imagination.

Legal. It is perfectly legal to drive with drop shipping. Some may sniff that you sell products more expensive for consumers. Why not just put the consumer in direct contact with the vendor? Then you can say the same about grocery stores: Why buy milk at the store, when we can get it cheaper if we buy it directly from the barn? Dropshipping is completely legal and 100 % ethical.

How to find drop shipping companies?

You need one or more suppliers. They must be willing to take your order and deliver the goods to the customer.

If you choose to work with rogue dropshipping companies, this will affect your business directly, and you will also be considered junk, even if you had good intentions.

Trick is to find the best drop shipping companies that have the products you want to sell.

Use Salehoo to find dropshippere from all over the world, with all sorts of products. It gives you the control you need for dropshippere and so-called wholesalers. Note that it costs money to access their database of dropshippere, but it's really worth it if you want to start with this.

Can you make a lot of money in dropshipping?

How much each will earn on drop shipping, we do not intend to speculate in. However, we can confirm that there are good opportunities.

We know of cases where individuals have earned 500,000 dollars a month on dropshipping, and this as a steady income over time.

Can one earn good money dropshipping? Clearly, here is the opportunity. Not all will succeed, but those who succeed will in return be able to achieve great success and make many, many millions.

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