Scripted Society: There's No Multiple Choice For The Future

Hell on earth, everywhere. Society is directed.

Society is directed
18. July 2024 by Click insider / Blog

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Guest post / From the Inbox (2019-09-11 08:26)

Dear reader,

The world is failing. The economy is collapsing, everywhere. No safe haven.

Society has been corrupted. Humans have been compromised.

Hell on earth, everywhere.

Could this be a real thing real soon? You won’t be able to run. Get ready, because things are going to get very ugly, and there will be no escape.

This is bad. But what do we know about the future? How can we be sure? This is not the prediction prescription. No crystal ball needed.

Here’s a Clue: Society is Directed.

All you need to do is: Read the instructions.

Where are the instructions, and who's the author? Who is pulling the strings? Who controls the world?
Dangerous territory. Discussing these things is not worth it. Seriously. Your life is more important, and there is nothing, not a thing, you can do about it.

Just know there are instructions on how the world will run. Do not worry about who will execute the commands. What will happen, will happen, and it’s all written out.

This isn’t prophecy. This isn’t prediction.

How to become acquaint with these instructions? Everything will unfold exactly by protocol. Nothing will be a coincidence. There is purpose behind all of this. And you cannot do anything about it. The best way to predict the future is to create it.

This sounds lunatic, crazy. And it is. It is unbelievable. Even after the fact. You have a clear vision for the future of society.

The rich get richer, and the weird get weirder. Soon countries will close their borders, and hell will open its. Equally strange: People are not interested. Most don't care, until it is too late.

Too Little Too Late

Governments will react, but when they do it will be to late.

Why? Most people do not read instructions and stupidity can be found everywhere, tainting all parts of society.

The instructions does not apply directly to them anyways. So why should they? Well, why? The instructions is your window into the future. Whatever. People do not care, and for me, that is the most amazing discovery of all.

Fragility will be observed by the few, warings will not make a difference. Tell people what is going to happen.

They look at us now like we are crazy, rightfully so. But then these things do happen. History does not repeat. Change is the only constant. Most people do not know what is coming. Opaque text will provide hints and insight superior to anything provided by the current news. Mainstream media is obviously flawed and lagging behind in conjunction to governments.

Alternative media is even more biased: Apocalypse will come tomorrow, or there will be no apocalypse tomorrow. How true.

The Unfolding

It is not unfolding in real time. It's scripted. And people don’t care.

Evidence. Extraordinary claims, no? Smoke and fire.

People don’t read instructions (mostly). But they do care about the evidence. Predictions may come true, but is that evidence? No, that is just luck.

Can we talk about the instructions now, connecting the dots is not a small task. But the win is big: We’re talking about a radically different world view here.

Human civilization is scripted, and has been for thousands of years. Again, forget about who is executing and who is by the steering wheel, that won’t change a thing. Captains of the world, they’ve been handed the instructions, the script has been written.

The big picture won’t change. What matters is the details. It’s all in the details. Your life is in the details. Read the instructions, and realize you can adjust to whatever change is coming. Cope with change, and none of this will be scary.

The prepared will be prepared, and the ignorant will be doomed. Too late will always be too late, and the world will soon know.

Devil In The Details

No borders.
No ethics.
No humanity.

Caged animals,
in between the devil will meander.
Not alive.

Not dead.

the devil comes

it will come
for all.

Some will hide
some will run.

The devil
in the details.
Not to be seen.

is an experience.

But to be felt.

Evil knows

No borders.
No ethics.
No humanity.

No place but everywhere.

The details are ephemeral
the devil versatile.

Twenty eyes
and twenty eyes.


Troubled breath and many weep.

We unite humanity and now
violent irreversible reactions unfold

No salvation in
human isolation,

for the devil knows
no borders,

no ethics,
no humanity.

Liars prosper but secrets
do not last.

Replicate numbers,

from east,
to south,
and west.

and evil

the constant forces.

in between.

Without evil
no Good.

A poor
Toba fails


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