The Perfect Home Office

Perfect does not exits, but it is what you strive for. This is how you create a great home office, outdoor office or business office.

The Perfect Home Office

Your Office Sucks. If you must work in an office setting, make sure you do work in a beautiful office. Live the good life. Work only because you want to work. Create the most beautiful home office, build the most epic business offices, or bring your laptop out and enjoy the fresh air in an outdoor office. Can't afford the upgrade? It's because you're poor, you don't have enough money or the freedom. If you're currently enjoying a nearly perfect office settings, congratulations! But if not, why are you here? Why aren't you trying to make money, get rich, and then get out, find a better place to live and work.

22. April 2024 by Click insider / Blog

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If you spend any time in the office, it makes sense to spend some time on making the office a place you enjoy.

Office Location And Office Perks

Your office is not just the room in your office and the things in your office.

The perfect office must have a perfect office location. There's no perfect location, but there are many great places in the world. In the back of your mind, you know when you exit the office, you are free to enjoy the atmosphere and beautiful environment. If your office surroundings aren't that great, you know that too, and if you never thought about it before, you will think about this now and forever until you change your location. Don't wait for your surroundings to improve, just move to a better area, move to a great area, and if you can't afford it that means you're poor and should not spend your time reading this, get busy making money and getting rich.

The perks in your office surroundings can make a big difference. In close proximity to your office, you may have perks. In the building you're in, you may have a kitchen, a swimming pool, exercise facilities and other perks. In walking distance you may have a quality grocery store, a place for social interaction, a marvelous park or access to gorgeous nature scenery, and generally a beautiful and inspiring environment. This is your extended office.

Your internal office cannot be great in garbage surroundings.

"All You Need Is A Computer With Internet Connection"

Sure, a lot can be achieved if you have a computer and it's connected to the internet. But you'll need more than that. A fast and well equiped computer with speedy and unrestricted internet makes a huge difference.

Knowledge and skills can be learned. Some people don't know how to read, many people don't know how to read fast and remember what they read. Very few people know how to think for themselves.

Beyond The Office Environment

In your environment there will be obstacles as well as aids when it comes to running a business in the digital world, doing work on your computer, or simply making money online. Governments will impose taxes, laws, restrictions, things that may be obstacles. But governments can also be beneficial for company owners, digital nomads or online entrepreneurs. Friends, family, your local community and society can be there for you and make your life better, or they might just be obstructions to what you want to achieve or experience in life. Find a way to deal with these obstructions: Get rid of them, make lemonade with lemons, or do your thing.

Luck & More

It's true, you don't need that much to achieve success in the digital world. That said, you do need a few basic things. If you learned how to read and do basic math as a young child, that's luck. If you had parents or guardians who encouraged learning and knowledge in your youth, that's luck too. If your government is making life better for you and your community, consider yourself very lucky. If you don't have to worry about food, that's luck. If you have hundred million in cash, that's luck. It's all luck, but it's not pure luck. Attributing any success to luck is too simplistic.

Prerequisites For Success

The prerequisites for success depends on various things and stuff. Equipment, environment, intelligence, and so much more. Your home office is one of those things, but not at all the most important thing. If you happen to live in the slums of Lagos or in the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro, if you have to spend all day thinking about how to get food or how to avoid being killed, it might, just might, be a bit harder to start a billion dollar internet company, as compared to some fortunate dude living the ideal lifestyle somewhere.

Dynamics of External And Internal Worlds

Your environment may be great or completely garbage. If your external world is complete garbage, find a way to exit or repair what's broken. Move if you must. But don't obsess about your external world, while neglecting your internal world. The thoughs you have is all you have really. Cogito, ergo sum. You'll need a functioning brain. Your internal world is just as important as your surroundings. Do not neglect your brain, your health, your well-being, your psychology and physiology, internal things like that. The external and internal worlds is highly intertwined and such phenomenas is indeed worthy of reflection.

Office Windows

The only windows installed in poor people's offices is Microsoft Windows.

Smart people spend time in their office to create windows of opportunity.

But only lucky people have windows with a view in their office.

The perfect office view will be unique for every person. It's not just about the interior of the office, the tools, office furtiture and equipment. Location matters, your external environment outside of the office matters, your obligations in life, your network of friends and family, and your internal world matters a lot.

The perfect office window can easily be destroyed by life problems. Beautiful scenery does not matter if your outlook on life is broken. If you're wealthy and reading this from your beautiful office, and you have serious life problems, you're not wealthy and your office is not beautiful.

That said, having a great office view can make a huge difference for productivity, inspiration, motivation and general well-being. That said, your office is probably awful.

The perfect office view depends on personal preference: View of the ocean, mountains, the city landscape or something else. Having a great view in the office makes a lot of difference.

Unfortunate office locations: A dark basement, a tiny closet, a sad office cubicle, any office with a boring view, or any other tragic office place. Not a great way to spend your working hours. Make money, get rich, get out.

There are sub-optimal but temporary solutions available if the preferable office view is unavailable. Alternatives include fake windows (see DIY options on YouTube), large TV's with relaxing videos of scenery, special lighting and many other creative solutions. Yet, nothing beats the real thing.

Office Equipment

  • Internet connection. Fast, secure, unrestricted. Use a VPN if you must.
  • Office Desk. If you are working long hours, you may want to alternate between sitting and standing. Adjustable standing desks are great. Make sure they can be leveled to all your desired sitting and standing heights. Electric and manual height adjustable desks are available. The main benefit of manual height adjustment desks is that they don't clutter your office with yet another cable, and if it's high quality they will last a long time. Electric height adjustable desks are great if you choose to alternate frequently between sitting and standing, and some of these have memorable height positions which makes it easy. Some desks are curved for added comfort, such that your torso doen not press against the desk while sitting down.
  • Office Chair. The perfect office chair is comfortable and adjustable to all your favorite sitting positions, beautiful and well designed, sturdy and robust, easy to clean and maintain. Having just one office chair may be enough, if you can find the ideal chair, and it's the minimalist solution, while others prefer alternating between different types of office chairs.
  • Computer. Keep it simple and use your laptop for everything. Or add extra power with a stationary desktop computer. iPads or other tablet computers adds portability. Raspberry Pi for fun coding experiments or automating tasks in the office (originally for teaching basic computer science in schools and in developing countries).
  • Docking station. Makes it so much easier to re-connect your laptop if you're often taking your laptop on the go. Many docking stations are garbage, and they come with annoying problems, even if you're choosing the recommended docking station for your laptop. Do your research, and buy from a reputable store which makes it easy to return the product if you're not satisfied.
  • Monitor. Some people prefer curved monitors, or dual monitors, or eight screens. It really depends on who you are and what you do in your office. Find a monitor that is comfortable to your eyes with the highest possible refresh rate (Hz). Do your research. Use a monitor stand or a monitor arm and get the perfect position for your monitor.
  • Keyboard. Laptop keyboards are horrible for extended typing tasks. Do your research, find the perfect keyboard. Ensure the best typing experience by investing in the best keyboard you can find, it really does make a big difference. Can't afford to buy the best keyboard? Poor you...
  • Mouse. Laptop touch pads are horrible. Invest time in finding a great computer mouse on the market.
  • Phone. The true minimalist option is to just use your phone as your office. While it may not be a sufficient solution for most office jobs, it's ultra-portable and your office can be literally everywhere as long as you can connect to the internet. Nice-to-have additional phone gear: A power bank, phone stand (integrated or not), head phones with mic, fine point stylus. Turn your phone into a working station by docking with a monitor and external keyboard and mouse, compact versions are available.
  • Audio gear. Computer speakers, head phones.
  • Cable management. Declutter your desk by using cable organizers or any other system. Avoid cable mess by going wireless, but cables makes things faster. Decide what's most important to you.

Elevate Your Monitor

It's essential to keep an ergonomic sitting and standing positions while working. Remember to take breaks often. Humans were not designed for sitting or even standing for extended periods of time.

While you're working, make sure your monitor is raised to the ideal position. This can be achieved by using a monitor stand. There are height-adjustable models available, but stationary options may also be sufficient. Some monitors come with built-in height-adjustments, but this will decrease the number of options when you're shopping for a monitor, so rather spend the time finding a great monitor and adjust the height by using a monitor stand or monitor arm.

Laptop stands. There are many options available for laptop monitors as well. Always consider external keyboards and external mouse while using your laptop, but especially when using a laptop stand. Ultra-portable laptop stands which can be glued to the bottom of your laptop is one option to consider.

Notepads, Pen and Paper

While you may use your computer for all notes, it's often convenient to use a pen and paper. Many people prefer to keep a notepad on their desk.

Do not underestimate the importance of owing a quality pen and high quality paper. No need to waste money, but having some luxury items for your own enjoyment might be worth the extra bucks.

Digital Drawing Options

In addition to having a pen and notepad in the office, you might need something when sketching or drawing on your computer. A tablet and stylus is one option, or a touch-monitor, or you could use a graphic tablet/digital drawing tablet. Using your mouse to sketch and draw is also possible, but more difficult and more time-consuming.


Minimalism is not for everyone, but some people like to keep it clean and it helps them to work more productively.

The opposite being extremely cluttered desks. There's billionaires and geniuses with the most notoriously cluttered desks you've ever seen, and there's deadbeat minimalists underachievers with the tidest office imagniable.

Outdoor Office & Office Air

Air quality is one of the most neglected things in the office. You must have good air quality to function at peak capacity. If you're living in a city or area with bad air pollution, just move. If you can't move, it's because you're too poor or have other stupid obligations. Make money, get rich, and move.

Having a portable office is a great option and adds variation to your work life. You may have your stationary office at home or at your company location, and a portable solution.

A laptop with the option to connect to the internet is all you really need. You may not even require internet connectivity. If your laptop can't power itself for a full workday, buy a better laptop, or bring a power bank or extra battery.

Silence and sound pollution is another thing to consider. You may be distracted by annoying sounds. Sound-proof your office if this bothers you, or just move to a better location with less sound pollution. Use headphones with noise-cancelling, or hearing protection, but if it's that bad, it means your office location is probably garbage.

Light pollution is another related topic, just buy curtains or move.

There's much more to be said about other kinds of pollution and distractions, but just make more money and get rich, then move to a better location, it's the solution to everything.

Money is the solution to many problems of daily life, yet poor folks prefer to comfort themselves by the thought that money is not the most important thing in the world, and that the best things in life can be free. They are right, but they are also wrong.

Money does solve a lot of problems, and if you're poor and your office isn't awesome, and you're reading this instead of making money, well, you know you're doing something wrong. It's great to know when you do something wrong.

Now that you know you're wrong (excluding our wealthy and rich readers) and you even know exactly what wrong thing you're doing, it's time to stop. Stop reading this, stop dreaming, take action and make money, get rich and move to a better location.

What the hell's the matter with you?

Just kidding.

(Not kidding)

Digression is a section of a composition or speech that marks a temporary shift of subject; the digression ends when the writer or speaker returns to the main topic. Digressions can be used intentionally as a stylistic or rhetorical device.

Office Coffee & Mugs

The minimalist will have one mug for coffee or tea, or just enough mugs to sustain a minimalist dishwash cycle. Weird people. The extreme minimalist may prefer to drink nothing but spring water, or purified water, and hot water for that special treat.

The opposite being obsessed about coffee mugs. If you've worked at various jobs or with many clients you may have a huge collection of mugs. If you enjoy drinking coffee, varying between coffee mugs might be some of the small things to bring extra enjoyment to your office.

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