You Will Get Rich… But It's Not About The Money

Getting rich is not just about the money. Actually, the money will barely be a footnote. You'll have your money, your hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, but that alone would not make you rich.

You Will Get Rich
18. July 2024 by Click insider / Wealth

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Would you accept this gift from a billionaire? There's billionaires you probably wouldn't trade places with. If they simply handed over their billions, no questions asked, that might have been okay. But if they also made you take on their responsibilities, worries, health issues, enemies, twisted morals, annoying cravings, death threats and other risks to self and loved ones… you might just decline their donation.

In the end, it's probably best to not wish for becoming any other billionaire or multi-millionaire. You can't be somebody else, you're trapped inside that body of yours and that life of yours. Why not make the best of it instead of acting like a baby and wishing for being someone else? Well, babies just want food, sleep and attention, they don't even know what money is, and if they were given money they might try to eat it, choke and die. Point is, you don't give money to a baby. The other point is, you're probably not a baby (if you are: cool, a baby that can read) and you're probably not a billionaire (if you are: cool, but are you rich?) and you're probably not rich (and if you are: are you a billionaire?).

You're Already Rich

Unless you are living in actual poverty, and you're almost starving to death, or literally eating out of a dumpster, or unless you're faced with constant death threats. There's a few exceptions. But most people today are rich, compared to the wealthiest people just a few centuries ago. Kings and queens. People in the old days didn't have cell phones, they didn't have internet, they didn't have proper medicine.

Be positive! Yay! You're wrecked and leased car is much more efficient than any old horse wagon. This might be true, but you do not buy into this nonsense. Yes, we're better off today, but you might be living in relative poverty still. That said, the effort needed to become an owner of the world's top electric vehicle is nearly infinitely less exhausting than it would be hundred years ago; Back then you'd first need to invent the damn thing. Now, all you need to do is make some money and then buy it. Much more simple today. Don't complain, you bastard. Get out there, create some wealth, and do what you want with it.

We're All Poor

That's right. We're all poor. There's a few perspectives.

We're not richer than the society we live in. And society is on the brink of collapse. Some would say. These are the best of times, the worst of times; Perspective dependencies. The world is, according to some people, run by psychopath leaders, evil people, or idiots; You can't eat money, and a billion dollar fortune is worth zero dollars, exactly $0, if you can't protect it. Gloom and doom might become the case, but is it the case now? Everything might be going downhill fast and there could be no way to stop it; Soon it'll all be gone; Society and humans down the drain; Mammalian extinction; The only biological life on earth will be bacterial cells; Everything else: Gone. Then, after a billion years, another loop of evolution will bring about intelligent life. Perhaps, but this is useless contemplation; Who knows what will happen next? Humans certainly don't. You cannot predict the future, but the next best thing is to make a conscious effort to change outcomes. There are things we do not know, and there are things we do not know.

Compared to the future we might be poor now, just as the kings and queens of the past were poor compared to today's middle class. Imagine a future where humans have solved their problems; a world where where the swords has been laid down; in a time where human potential could be fully realized by everyone; civilizations where totalitarian rule and failed ideologies has been abandoned; Imagine a future where the sovereign individual is given the freedom it deserves to lead a happy and fulfilling life, or the life it wants to lead without infringing other peoples freedom. Compared to such Utopian visions of the future, we're all poor, perhaps. But life is a journey, and even if we don't get to experience the possible bright future tens of thousands of years from now, we're still going to be part of it. Just as we could be appreciative of the ancestors of our past, our descendants might be grateful of the efforts of our civilization. The mammoth-eating cavemen or continental explorers of our past never experienced the thrill of online life and the joy of reading random shit like this. The combined effort and struggles of these ancestors is the reason you're here. Our recreational activities wouldn't be possible without an unimaginable amount of procreational activities; Our brains just aren't made to conceive the vast amount of insemination taking place throughout all of human history, let alone the totality of shagging, banging and screwing by biological life. The Cro-Magnons could not have predicted their distant future, just as we cannot predict ours, but either way we'll be part of it. There might have been a few paleolithic idiots in our past, but they certainly didn't blow up everything. And that's the first rule of creating wealth: If there's even a remote possibility of total destruction, no reward is sufficient. Don't blow up.

The Kids at the Candy Store

Do you want to get rich? Like, really, really rich. Financially rich, that is. Do you want to own hundreds of millions, perhaps a few billion? Do you really love money? You're the kid at the candy store. The kid that wants to have and eat all this candy. It's exactly what this kid wants. He know what he wants. Candy. More than he could ever eat.

Three kids. One wants to have all the candy in the store, but doesn't know how to get it, or he's just too lazy to do the work. The second kids also want to have all the candy store, he wants to own the candy store, to get his hands on more candy than he could possibly eat, this kid aren't lazy and finally he achieves his one dream, and then he almost chokes on a pop stick, survives, but fails to learn from his mistakes, then shortly after dies from a cluster of diseases, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer. The third kid, thinks, thinks, and thinks, and then recognizes that all the candy in the world wouldn't make him happy or fulfilled, it's not what he really wants, so instead of seeking satisfaction from simple cravings, he begins to question things, explore life, and while he's not sure about his purpose yet, it's certainly not related to candy.

It's not money you want. Really, it's not.

Don't live to eat. Eat to live. Similarly, you don't live to make money, you make money to live.

It's okay to wish for having some money. It's even okay to have millions or billions of dollars. But if you make this your ultimate purpose in life, or your goal, you're just like the stupid kids in the candy store. If you're a kid in a candy store, be a smart kid and think. Don't be stupid kid who doesn't think.

Financial independence is great, but if you're not there yet, don't go down a miserable path just to attain this type of freedom. You might die before you ever get there, so make sure your path is a journey you enjoy, or makes you fulfilled, or whatever. The road to financial freedom itself must be a journey worth taking, it's never really just about end goals.

rich old

Getting Rich Young

If you're young now; You're young, and hungry for money, or rather, hungry for wealth. You want to get rich, and you want to get there fast. You want this thing so badly. You may have some obligations, like school, education, work, relationships. There are things. Things you need to do, but all you really want to do is to make a lot of money, and get rich as fast as possible. Becoming a billionaire might sound ridiculous right now, but if other young entrepreneurs can make billions, you could at least make it to a few hundred millions, right? Or you just want to become financially independent, whatever it is.

But wait. Not so fast. Life isn't just about making money. There are things not directly related to money which isn't deferrable. You're young now. And anyways, if all you think about is money and wealth, you're doing it wrong. Do it right, for once. The mistakes you are doing now has been done before. The young make too many bad mistakes, things they will pay for later. Making mistakes isn't bad, but some errors are just unnecessarily stupid. If you had a coach to show you how to avoid those things, it would be fantastic. Unfortunately, that's not how things work in this world. You may be extremely lucky and find one of those, or more likely, you'll learn to learn from other people, or even better, you learn from other people's mistakes. Don't just pay attention to successful people, whatever that means, but observe old people, especially those who didn't make it, those who failed completely. There's probably some lessons there for you.

Getting rich and financially independent is a big dream for many young people. They don't want to be slaves and work for minimum wage. The system is rotten. But many young minds are rottens as well. They have been thought things, wrong things, and they have been manipulated. Some are born with more privileges, they were born lucky, or at least comparatively so. However. The mind is the most important thing, and if it's a mess, nothing else matters. Fix your mind first. If you're young, and you actually believe a fraction of what you have been told to believe, you might have been exploited and influenced by people who don't really care about you. There are narratives everywhere, and very often it's not optimized for your wellbeing. Obviously, there's things like the media, the government, the educational system, corporate forces, which pushes their own narratives; But there's also those with good intentions, your friends, parents, goodhearted people, they have their own misconceptions and wrong ideas about the world, and taking their advice just because they care about you is stupid. Question everything. Learn what is true. This is hard and usually, wisdom cumulates as you live.

If you're young, and desperately want to get rich, just take a moment. And question why. There's more to life than financial wealth.

The good news is, if you treat yourself, and your whole life, as something worth treating well, you might get rich anyways. And you'll get richer than if you're just focusing on the financial stuff. Other things in life, like taking care of your health may not seem so obvious now, but you'll be glad you did when you get older. And not that much older either. If you don't care about your health now, it will decline rapidly, before you ever get to enjoy those sweet millions. If you're starting a business just to get rich, and if money is the main driver behind your start-up, you're starting for the wrong reason.

get rich old age

Get Rich in Old Age

Old people have learned the value of money, often the hard way. They've graduated through the school of life. Some didn't care enough about financials in their younger years, and now they pay the price. Some cared too much, and they might have missed other valuable opportunities in life, lost friends or family, and they might live with difficult regrets. Money and finances can be a source of evil, in personal life, if you let it.

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