You Won't Get Rich… Here's Why

It takes a certain mind and a certain mindset to get rich. But above all, it takes luck.

Not Rich
22. April 2024 by Click insider / Wealth

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How to get rich:

  • Get lucky.

Why you aren't rich:

  • You haven't had any luck yet.

Luck is what it boils down to. This is basically the truth. These things matters: Where you grew up; Who your parents and teachers were; Your genetic makeup and health; And other things, some of which is outside of your control.

But luck isn't just a godsend. Luck can be created. And thus, wealth can be created. Those living in actual poverty, in a war zone, or some terrible place, will not have the same chances as everyone else. There will be huge differences. Starting point matters. Who you are, biologically or otherwise, matters.

You can make room for luck, just as you make room for anything else. Actions can be leveraged into creating opportunities. Actions can also bring about misfortune and adversity. It's not all your choice. People do stupid things, not just because they are stupid, but there is always reason to the madness. There's a reason why some people choose to eat garbage, get fat, and waste their lives sitting down in front of screens, instead of being proactive and making things better for themselves. Learned helplessness is one such reason, and there are millions of reasons. But ask yourself this. What is the life you do want?

Rich means something different for everyone. Some people could feel rich, even though they might have little money; They are happy or fulfilled, and that's rich to them. Some people might be apathetic towards anything that isn't financially measurable, and only a certain amount of money or possessions would make them feel rich.

What's your definition of rich? The definition you have now might change in the future. Everyone's definition of being rich is somewhat unique. It's possible to be financially poor and still enjoy life, and it's possible to be unhappy even if you're the richest person in the world. Being rich isn't about being happy. Being happy is being happy, it's an emotional state. Rich is something else. You could lead a rich life, and again, there's no correct definition of what this might be. Most people though, want to be rich. They don't want to be poor. Before you go somewhere, you must know where you'll be going. If you don't know where you're going, you might not get there. That's just how things work. And if you don't know what rich means to you, you might not ever get rich. Then again, you might just wake up one day and, lo and behold, you finally feel rich.

Ask yourself this…

Are you richer than a goat? You know how to read, if you read this. Or if someone is reading this to you, you know language. A goat might be able to learn a few words, who knows, but they do not possess human cognitive capabilities. They might be happy, sad, or just don't care. They just are. They aren't self-aware like us. Are you poor or rich, as compared to a goat? The question might not make sense. Relative poverty does not make much sense either. Wealth does not need to be determined based on what other people own. If you're smarter than a goat, does that make you smart? Yes and no.

Rich people aren't always happy or fulfilled. Actually, they might be. But a lot of rich people are sad people. And sad people aren't happy people. They might smile a lot, laugh a lot, yet be depressed. Some rich people just kill themselves. If money and property is your purpose in life, you will never get enough. Some rich people just don't get it. They aren't dumb perhaps, they might know a lot, they do have certain skills, and luck, and lots of it, but what they might lack, is a purpose of being. Incarcerate them and take their possessions and wipe out their achievements, destroy their reputation; Then what are they? Nothing but a shell. Plain and simple nobodies, and this might be the dwelling existential fear they so desperately attempt to escape. These feelings of despair and anguish is ultimately who they are. Their magnificent possessions and mighty fortune, the pathetic businesses they have created; All they have and are is nothing but a manifestation of this empty and meaningless existence. Don't feel envy for these rich people, ever. Then there's other extremely rich and wealthy people, which might be cool, friendly, interesting and leading meaningful lives, act with integrity, and just doing great things. Not all rich people are wretched or deplorable. If you're going to get rich, or try becoming rich, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. If it's just for the money, there are better ways to accomplish what ever it is you want to achieve.

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