The internet as your pesonal cash machine

The internet is amazing in so many ways, and most people know that you can use the web to make money. But very few have mastered the skill needed to turn the digital world into their personal cash machine.

Online cash machie

Salehoo is the most complete guide to dropshipping online. At Salehoo you will find a large list of dropshippere carrying over the world.

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Huge list of online income opportunities

Above you will find more income opportunities than you can possible have time to try for yourself. But these are REAL opportunities that are making people more wealthy as we speak.

The list below is in random order, you pick the opportunities that will work best for you. So let's get started.

Translate text and make money

Find translator jobs using this site, from there you can offer your services and sell digital products, including writing jobs and translator jobs.

Internet offers many opportunities to make money. To translate text from eg. English to Spanish (or vice versa) is relatively high demand. If you are able to write or speak in two languages​​, there are ample opportunities to find work as a translator online. You get paid with Paypal, Xoom, payment directly to your bank account, checks or in some cases even Western Union.

Selling your photos online for cash

I don't know much about how this is done, but there is a good guide supposedly showing you how to make a living selling your digital photos online. This guide have a good reputation and should be easy to follow.

Make money from domains

You can earn money from domains. There are so many ways to do this. You can sell unregistered domains, I have made tons of money doing this. Or you can build a website for that domain.

A domain name is easy to register, and costs almost nothing. For around 100 to 200 have both hosting and domain. It is best to buy the domain and hosting from the same provider, especially if you are not very technical on you. It means that everything works exactly as it should without having to do so much more than finding an available domain and clicking through a wizard where you can create everything from websites to blogs or online store, really almost anything. Find free and cheap domains at Bluehost.

Writing jobs

Do you have a talent for writing and you wish you could earn a good income on these abilities? Now you have the opportunity to try. Read about writing jobs on the internet.

This site can be used to offer your writing skills to the world and perfect if you are interested in making money writing jobs on the internet. You may have a talent in writing, but lack the right network to exploit your potential writer. You do not start as a novelist. Real Writing Jobs described as the perfect resource to help you explore your earning potential as a writer online.

In what areas of writing this service can help you? According to those who have tried the service can help you with virtually all segments of the author industry, whether in media, journalism, advertising copy - writer or bokforfatter. Article Writing will be one of the most sought after areas of writing jobs online. It 's rich and powerful a topic that no jobs are advertised for. It mostly deals with perhaps articles with specific topics, but also fiction appropriate. Do you think all blog posts around around are written by bloggers themselves? Wrong. The truth is that many pro - bloggers and commercial bloggers uses Ghostwriters ("ghost writers ") which means that there is someone else who author blog posts, and they get paid for this and leaves giving all rights to the who pays. So you can get a ghost writer to write for you, and you can take all the credit for having written it myself, and it's totally legal. Likewise, you may as ghost writer charge for writing articles for others. You will not get credit for what you 've written, but you will get paid. Because you do not get any credit for what you write, you need not be as concerned with quality. As long as it is of high enough quality for the one that pays you, then it is sufficient.

Make money from apps

Applications for mobiles and tablets (apps) are the new way to get rich. Do you have a good idea, it's ridiculously easy to make money on apps.

Be rich in apps:The download millions of applications for mobiles and tablets every day. Do you have a great idea for an app, you can easily, quickly and cheaply develop it on your own by using outsourcing.

How to make apps

There are several possible ways to develop apps for. Whether you do it on your own, or you do it as part of a team, or you can outsource development to someone who really can. The latter (ie outsourcing) is definitely the fastest and cheapest way to do it, if you do not already have an effective apps developer. Two that were rich in apps: Michael Moon and Quoc Bul are two of those who have had tremendous success in developing apps. The two have cracked the code and understand how apps can be developed in an efficient manner, even without having their own knowledge about the technical part of the development of apps.
  • How to make profitable apps. guide is sold at a cheap price online, and is definitely worth the small investment if you seriously want to make money on the apps themselves. If you want to make money on apps, there are no guides that are close to the one offered by Moon and Bul. Highly recommended!
  • Another online guide that deals with the same subject is IPhone Dev Secrets. It has a slightly different approach to the topic, and is a good supplement for anyone who wants to make money by letting others develop their apps (the guide includes detailed descriptions of outsourced receivables apps).

Get rich as an app developer

Many people have become rich developing apps. There are examples of successful app developers all over the world, but did you know that there are people who have become rich apps they have developed? All you need is a good idea. It can be anything, as long as it is something that will be of interest to a large enough number of users. Wordfeud developed by Hakon Bertheussen is an app that has been downloaded extremely numerous times, another popular app is Angry Birds. What started as a hobby project proved to be a goldmine. Now you can also try the apps market, it is not that hard anymore. All you need is a good idea. The need to find yourself, but once you have it, you can start developing apps, even if you have no programming skills or do not know how to get released app. There are good guides and outsoutcing opportunities for this. Apps are big business, and here there are good opportunities to get rich for those who have a flair for this industry. Being an apps developer or programmer are not required. There is more than enough that you have good ideas and that you know how to find cheap apps developers.

That easy to get rich apps

It is very easy to get rich apps. Within 5 minutes from now you could have earned 100,000 dollars on apps. Or no. It was not so easy. How easy is it to get rich apps? Instead of seeking wealth in the apps market, it would probably be more appropriate to think of profits as a gradual growth curve. Can you earn a thousand note on the apps market, it is likely that you can also 2.000. From there, it is not long road to 20.000 million, and when you 've come this far it will be possible to reach 200.000 million. After that time you will have a good reason and experience can begin to think slowly to get rich apps. In the beginning you should worry most about the first hundred, and thousand sales. How to become a millionaire, by taking one step at a time, do not try to bite all over in the same place.

Outsourcing: Letting other people develop your apps

You do not develop apps on their own, and you do not need programming skills. Even without any knowledge of how to make apps, you can make money in apps market. How? Try outsourcing: Outsourcing means to let others do a job for you, for example, to develop an app based on your description. Example of outsourcing apps:Let's say you want to develop an app that converts various measurement units.

  1. The first thing you need to do then is to find a place where you can get cheap labor.
  2. Go to an outsourcing website. We recommend Fiverr (a site for freelancers, by far the biggest and best outsoutcing website exists, here you can find the cheapest labor among programmers).
  3. Register your account for free.
  4. Post your task, preferably a digital service or a digital product.
  5. You will in a moment be ready to accept job offers.
  6. Not a member yet? Click here to get started for free

So... How to earn money on apps?

If you want to make money on apps you do not own programming skills. Use this website to outsource the development of your apps ideas, and you can start making money on apps in just a few weeks from today. If you want a thorough introduction to making money on the apps we recommend the guide to the Moon and Bul (here you can buy their guide to making money apps).

Earn cash from creating websites

Today anyone can create a website that can make money. You do not need any knowledge of programming or graphic design to begin.

Creating website that provides income: It is no longer difficult to create a website that provides income.
Bluehost and you can create a website, blog or online shop with a simple wizard (Tip: In their hosting packages also include free domain). To monetize a website you must first create it. After you have made ​​the home is a simple matter rest. Start by choosing the type of website you want to create.

There are various kinds of websites:

  • Blogs. Some like the blog format, creating a website that is updated frequently, often several times a month. -
  • Static website: Others want a static page about themselves or something they are interested in. - Shop: Another option would be to sell products in a webshop.
  • Web Service: A business online in the form of an online service. All the above can accomplish with Bluehost and it 's very easy to get started. Just follow their wizards, and you can create blogs, websites, online shops or online service of your choice. Bluehost has finished scripts that are installed in the simplest way, and this is perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to get started with your own website, blog, shop or online services.

Free website and domain?

Avoid free website / free domain / free blog services:When it comes to blogs, there are free alternatives, but these fradråder we use, as it provides significant limitations in freedom and you are not able to to make money in the same way as if you had your own blog on your own domain. You may want to use Wordpress or another CMS (content management system), but use it when paired with its own domain and web space you paid for. The free options offered are not suitable if you want to monetize your page. There are a number of disadvantages with these free services, and very few benefits, so we would strongly recommend that you pay for web hosting and domain, whether you just want to have a personal page, or you want to create a commercial website.

How to create a profitable website

You need no prior knowledge to create website. It is very easy if you use a guide service that Bluehost. Deals are there too, and you get a professional result without having to hire a designer or a programmer. All you can do yourself. All you need to do is to find an available domain name that suits your purpose, and then ordering a hosting (the cheapest option is usually good enough). Make your website on bluehost

Monetize Your Website

There are many ways to monetize your website. scription of ads - The easiest way is to create a website and place ads on the page. Advertisers can recoup itself or use different ad networks. Our tip: If you want to earn money from your website or blog, you can try This guide to making money on the web.

SEO - search engine optimization

SEO is the essence for any website, blog or online stores. You must have traffic before you can start making money on your website. How do you get traffic to your site? This is a complex subject, and not something that can be explained in a few sentences. The marketing of websites are still not a very complicated matter, but it is part theme you must understand before you speak it well enough that it should be possible to get good traffic. Remember: A lot of traffic, usually provide good income if the website is optimized to " convert " (an expression among web developers which refers to the extent to which the website is optimized to achieve a goal, such as creating income). Traffic is therefore important. To get traffic to your website you need to understand how to market your site on a cheap (free) way possible. This is well explained in This guide will teach you how to create traffic to your website.


Sell other items in your store or on eBay / QXL /! Dropshipping is one of the truly great opportunities people have to earn money online. More profitable and less risky way to make money you will find anywhere!

Dropshipping online store: You can sell other people's products in your store or on auction sites like eBay or QXL, and even on the squares services or in the classifieds section of the local newspaper! Many opportunities and good income potential. Dropshipping is an ingenious way to make money.

Salehoo is the most complete guide to dropshipping online. At Salehoo you will find a large list of dropshippere carrying over the world. They have analysis tools to identify trends in the market and over 90,000 members. Absolutely essential site for anyone who wants to engage in dropshipping Dropshipping - What is it? Simply put, drop shipping to sell products directly from the manufacturer (or wholesaler). Dropshipping, explained with an example:You want to sell shoes online. Instead of buying into thousands of pairs of shoes that you have available in your own stock, contact a manufacturer or wholesaler that has a drop shipping arrangement. The deal is that you can sell items directly from the manufacturer / grosissts stock. Now you can sell thousands of different pairs of shoes in your shop, even if they are in a warehouse owned by producer / grosissten.

Dropshipping: Good income opportunities?

It goes pretty quick to get into a good sale if you start with dropshipping. We know people that have reached 100,000 dollars per month after only a few months of operation! It will be possible to start making money relatively quickly, meaning that you must register in the Commercial Register (this you need to do right away to turnover of 50.000 million, and it goes QUICK). Register of the same (register a sole proprietorship, it is free). In addition, you must register in the Register, this costs just over 2,500 dollars. You can also wait to register until you begin to approach the turnover limit of 50,000 before you do it if you want. An accountant you do not, this is easy business and it goes pretty smoothly to the accounting yourself. Can you add together and subtract (as you learned in 1st grade, add, subtract, as mathematicians call it) - then it should be enough to get to the financial statements. Dropshipping is fairly easy once you get into it.

How to earn money dropshipping

It's not the hardest thing to make money dropshipping. Many serve well on drop shipping, if you have a functioning brain and the ability to think then this is a relatively easy way to make money. Begin with dropshipping - a simple procedure: A. Find some dropshipping companies - You first need to find companies (at least one, preferably several) that offer drop shipping as a business model. There are quite a few that offer drop shipping agreements around the world.

It can be hard to find dropshippers, and impossible to get a good idea unless you have the right contacts. We would strongly recommend that you register on Salehoo where you can get information about hundreds dropshippere that have been quality checked. They also have the largest network / forum of people doing sales via dropshippere. B. Sales of goods. When you finally found dropshippere need to start promoting products. Do not be given if you have no previous experience with marketing online. Anyone who manages to create an eBay auction or a listing on QXL or Finn, will be able to sell goods through a dropshipper. You need either package or send the goods themselves, this is your dropshipper who takes care of. Some items may take longer to be delivered, and this should provide. The advantage is that it is often cheaper for the customer to buy goods in this way, even if you are an intermediary to have your piece of the pie. When it is cheap for the customer, it will also be easier to sell, and everyone wins. Dropshipping is therefore often a great and grateful way of doing business. If the customer wishes to return the item, you can send it directly to the dropshipper, and you do not waste time trying to process the return products (How this is done in praktsis get more information by including Salehoo). How much you earn, you decide 100 % yourself. There is no theoretical limit on the amount you can earn on dropshipping.

The risk is minimal, and you can become a millionaire without investing much more than a few hundred pounds (excluding cost of establishment of companies, mostly limited to the registration in the Register that cost a couple tusenlapperm about). Processing of orders - this is not difficult. You receive orders, send them to the dropshipper (manufacturer or wholesaler that you have drop shipping agreement). After receiving orders forwarded this to the dropshipper. Setup streamlining operations (Optional): Order Processing can be done completely autoamtisk, and drops hip - commerce can practically programmed so that it runs all by itself. To do this you need to have some technical skill, but it is not necessary to be a programmer yourself (for example, use outsourcing via Freelancer to do this). You can also find free online store scripts via Bluehost that does the job, and then it's mostly just following a wizard for installation of commerce.

Forex trading

Currency can be purchased in the same way as everything else. Learn Forex and how to earn money in forex.

Currency and Forex: When you buy the currency sold while another currency. Forex is an abbreviation for Foreign Exchange, translated foreign exchange trading or trading in foreign currencies. The abbreviation FX is also used for forex. Forexis one of the hottest ways to make money in financial markets. Of course it involves some risk, as all financial activities in investment and trading does. Nevertheless, foreign exchange trading is considered a most efficient way to spend money to make money, given that they master it. Currency trading can therefore be wise to learn, first as last.

Secret to getting rich in trading currencies

Secret to getting rich is not just to make a lot of money through regular income, but to learn how to put their money to work.So how to use their own money to make even more money. As soon as you master this you will dramatically shorten the time it takes to get rich. Rather than spend 50 years to create wealth, you can now do it in 5 years. Ten times as fast! Just because you have learned how to use your money to create more money. Accumulate your wealth. The problem for most people is that they simply " do not bother " to learn these relatively simple methods. This is not rocket research. Many of the wealthy people we know from the world of finance is really not very smart, in several cases it is perhaps rather the opposite. It required no mastermind for success in finance. What needed to serve raw on the forex is a method that works. Methods for successful currency trading, there are many, and with the latest innovations in forex it is both cheap and easy to open a foreign currency account.

Make money playing computer games

Games are not only fun, but it is also a potential source of revenue. Learn how to make money (and maybe get rich!) In video games.

Computer games you can earn: There are more opportunities for those who want to make money on video games. Some income opportunities best suited for hardcore gamers, other possibilities fit almost going for anyone who seems video games are fun.There are actually many ways you can make money on video games. Above we have linked to articles that discusses exactly this.

Playing computer games for a living is a reality for some people. We recommend reading one particular guide which will teach you how to make a living from playing computer games, go over there for additional advice on how to make this a reality.

Getting paid to test games

Some also earns money by testing games. You can get paid to debug games, or to just play and report back on the proposal. This can make some money, but it is primarily a fun way to try new beta versions before anyone else has tried the games. Get paid gigs as a game tester

Blogging your way to wealth

Blogging is not only fun, it is also an income generating hobby for many. Girls in their teens earn hundreds of thousands on their blog. How hard can it be to make money on blogs?

Get Rich Blogging? It's possible. You can make good money running a blog. Here are the tricks on how to create a blog that provides income, maybe even a blog you can get rich. After all, there even children that are making tons of money with their blogs.

Getting started is easy: First, head over to Bluehost which will provide you with a free domain and cheap web hosting, and they will install your free wordpress blog (using a wizard which is easy to use).

For advice on making money with your blog, we recommend this guide on how to make money blogging (it is truly a goldmine for bloggers).

Make money from YouTube

YouTube is almost synonymous with making money online. It's a wonderful social video service where people share things for free, but here there are also many with commercial interests. Learn to make money and maybe get rich on YouTube!

This guide will show you how to make money with YouTube.

Make money using Twitter

Twitter is a possible money maker. Read and learn how to harness the potential and have their own income via the popular microblogging service.

Make Money on Twitter: Others have been rich in Twitter, now it's your turn to make money on the micro-blogging via Twitter.What is Twitter?

This guide will show you how to make money using Twitter

Facebook, it is yuor personal cash machine

Facebook is one of the very large gold mines online. If you are not already making money on Facebook, we shall now show how to get good income here.

It is possible to make money on Facebook, you can even run the risk of "getting rich". Facebook is a giant money machine, where anyone can begin to find opportunities to make money. There are extremely many users, and the opportunities to create revenue on Facebook are great and many. How to earn money on FacebookThe secret recipe for making money on Facebook... no one will give you. No one will tell you exactly how you can start making money on Facebook. We can guarantee. It's the same as giving away money. It takes a long time to find a good source of revenue for Facebook and once you have found a recipe on how to make money online, you will also exploit this to their own advantage than to tell the whole world about the newfound cash machine.

How to make money on Facebook

Take a look at this guide which explains exactly how to make money with Facebook and learn an effective strategy to build " likes " on Facebook.

We know a few good ways to make money on Facebook, and we have had great success with. This is probably one of the easiest money we 've earned online, and therefore we will not share the exact recipe with others.

Making money online

Making money online is not difficult. It's either your skills or background that determines whether you are able to make money on the internet. The only thing that matters is what you are able to learn.

Money Online: Easy to make fat on the Internet? If you first become familiar with the opportunities and explore a little of everything, it's easy to find something you can start making money. Read our tips here and you can start make money on the internet. Some are unrealistically optimistic, others are eternal pessimists to make money online. Let 's try to get to the bottom of this once and for all. Internet is changing fast, and every year we are following industry experiencing significant changes.

To make money online, it is necessary to adapt at any time. This is true whether you run an online store, blogs, or anything gainful via the web. The Internet is dynamic, so you must be for income opportunities from online also be dynamic in your quest for new revenue. If you want to make money online then you need to keep you updated. Find out what income you can get through online and try a little of it all.

Is it easy to make money from the internet?

Is it easy to make money on the internet? It is certainly not difficult! Of course it is necessary to have a good idea of ​​what options you have, and so they do not go far without the motivation to sit down to work. The Internet has many great opportunities to make money, but money does not grow on trees online either.

You need to dedicate some time and put you into what you can actually make money. So feel free to try a little of everything to find out what works best for you. Once you have done that you have wonderful opportunity to create a solid income from the web. Look at it as an experiment: You are trying many different things and then continue with what you think works best and is most interesting to continue for you.

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