How to get rich

The recipe on how to get rich, make more money and accumulate wealth.

How to get rich

How will YOU become rich? It is easy to get rich if you are motivated. We show you the first steps you need to take to start earning more money and accumulate wealth.

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Oh please, not another "how to get rich article"! Oh yes. Since I actually have a neat "recipe" on how to get rich fast, I thought I might as well share it.

There is no magic formula for getting rich, but there are numerous methods to make money.

First step to getting rich is to learn how to get rich, so you know you are on the right path.

Getting Rich - a question of definition

What does it mean to get rich or be rich? For some wealth is not about money at all, and we must be absolutely agree that money is not the most important thing in life. Yet money damned important, because without enough money has many limitations in modern society.

There is a certain correlation between happiness and money. Quality of life is of course about much more than having money, but any person with life experience knows that there is a correlation between quality of life and personal finance.

Little money and poor economy are scientifically proven to directly affect the quality of life and happiness. Having lots of money does not necessarily mean that you will be happy, but it is likely that having little money will

We must not quantify what wealth is for you. It is up to you. Whether it is to be debt free or to have an income to cover living expenses, or X number of million in the bank.

So easy is it to get rich

It is easier to get rich if you sit Financial goals:

How much do you earn a month to be satisfied with your income? How much capital do you want about 1 year, 5 years and 10 years? Give realistic answers to these objectives, and formulate and write down any date specific goals based on your answers.

Art of Getting Rich can be summarized as follows:

    • Maximizing revenue
    • Minimize Expenses

Maximizing revenuemeans to earn as much money as you head manages to get to, within your own limits in relation to, among other invested time and capital.

Minimize Expenses is to avoid any unnecessary expenditure, and only spend money on what is absolutely necessary. Debauchery must be able to treat themselves, but we must find a balance in consumption, so as to achieve the expected capital growth.

Getting rich is in itself no great art, nor the motivation behind the actions and that is the big challenge. On the whole, it is about priorities. Read on to learn about the most fundamental factors that are essential for creating economic wealth.

Trick to make money

First things first: First, find a way to make money.

It may be that you already have a job and regular income, or you have another source of income. If so it is a good starting point. If you are not yet making money, then you need to find a source of income (inspiration and ideas for new revenue can be found on our website).

Secondly, you need to arrange for at least one extra income. There are many options and you will find a number of tips on just such opportunities mentioned at

It is an advantage but not a requirement, if you are able to do your extra income sources of passive income . Passive income means that you earn money without active participation. Another definition of passive income is to do the work once and get paid many times afterwards. Examples include bank interest: You make money, they put in the bank and get interest year after year. Other examples of such sources of income is rental income, capital, commissions from the sales, just to name a few.

Punk tree on the way to become rich is to increase revenue . How you do this depends entirely on what you already earn money. Maybe it means that you must also educate yourself, find new pastures, apply for a new job, starting a business, or something else entirely. Maybe you need to borrow money in the bank or bring in investors to maximize your current income sources.

Spend money to make money

Money can be consumed or invested. Four steps to achieve wealth is to Spend money to make money. This is the key to creating a truly great fortune. Before you get that far you should already have earned some money as described above.

Before capital can work for you, you have to work for capital.

You can let your money work for you, you are already rich. But you have to have a lot of money before you can live well on interest income. Even as a currency speculator and stock trader should preferably have gained a certain amount of money before you start.

There are many ways to spend money to make more money:

    • Interest, for example. bank interest rates
    • Investment in real estate, stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies
    • Active trading and daytrading, most relevant is foreign exchange trading, commodity trading and stock trading.

Accumulating wealth and save money

It is easier to get rich than to be rich. It is not so difficult to make money, but for now just take on faith the thing I am going to say:

It is incredibly hard to hold on to your money.

Okay, most of you probably have like $100,000 or less in your bank, and you don't know how it is like to have assets worth well over 15 million dollars. Well I do, and by then you can't just keep on doing the same stuff, you need to learn how to invest those money or you will lose them. Putting these money in the bank is not a safe bet either, just look at what is happening to bank accounts all over the world.

Fifth step towards wealth is to keep the money you earn. Apparently it is a big challenge for many people to save some of what you earn every month.

Immediate and unexpectedly getting money much money to spend, like losing everything again in no time. Studies have shown that those who get rich fast, end up in financial difficulty just a few years later. The explanation is perhaps the new and expensive lifestyle habits that they fail to stop when they run out of money. Lottery is usually a prime example of how not to handle money.

Saves you 1000 dollars a month, you're left with only 12.000 million in one year. It's not much. Become a great save and use money only on what you really need. Maybe you can save as much as 50 % of what comes in, or maybe even more?

Trick is to make sure to make a lot more than what you consume, then you do not live soberly although you save a lot.

Saving is of course only the first step on the way to accumulate wealth. With regular bank savings grow money in reality, since inflation historically "eat up " one enventuelle interest.

You need to do some action beyond normal bank savings. The money must, in other words, to a location where the returns are significantly higher than bank interest income. Some eksmpeler: Mutual funds, stocks, real estate, currency, commodity trading, invest in their own business.

Unless you make more money than you strictly need to consume each month, it is not difficult to accumulate wealth. So it was with this motivation then, not everyone is motivated to build a decent fortune, and that is precisely why so many will never be rich.

Want to get rich?

Reason why so many people have little money (or less than they wish), that they have not made it a significant priority.

If owning a lot of money really matters to you, so make it a priority.

Once you understand the real value of being rich, you might want to rethink the way you spend money on. Having a lot of money and getting rich is not necessarily about having the ability to buy everything. Satisfaction with financial freedom and not be a slave to money has an intrinsic value.

Another thing few people realize is how they should relate to the capitalist system.This system is the driving force in the Western world.

Most people are slaves of the capitalist system. Some people are politically engaged and want to change the world, change the system so that it fits better with their worldview. It works sometimes, but for most of us is not effort compared to the reward.

Not actively reach out to change the system, do you well to either find effective ways to navigate the current system.

System is there. You can go around the system (find loopholes), ignore the system (be offender), try to change the system (to be politically engaged), or accept the system exactly as it is.

Why are not you rich

It is not difficult to become rich. But you know, it's better to blow your money on drinking Kopi Luwak and to shop in the world's most expensive city, Oslo. Or whatever it is people do to waste their money.

The vast majority of the middle class and poor people have a relationship with money that just does not work, if your goal is to get rich:

Use everything you earn, treat yourself to a little extra credit if you feel like it. Live here and now, tomorrow is tomorrow. Stay tuned, the media provides opinions and tells you what you need. Buy. Consume. Die.

The school does not teach you how to become rich. Get bring good associations for money from growing. Most people never learn how to deal with money in a healthy and sensible manner.

Money is a result of another system, a system that makes it more efficient to exchange services and goods between people. Money is not the root of all evil. The policy behind the monetary system may in some cases be evil or unjust, but money itself is just money and nothing more.

If you have negative associations with money to make money, you will probably never get rich. Not that you walk around and think " I hate money", but latent somewhere deep inside the brain of the people there are inappropriate ways of thinking about money. Discard these assjosiasjonene, the matter is invalid.

Money is only positive. Just like a good meal or a good night's sleep.

Why get rich?

People will be happy to find out how to become rich. Maybe not so much Why you want to be rich. However, it may be helpful to look at motivasjoen behind this desire to own a lot of money.

There is a strong correlation between money and happiness, where there is broad consensus among scientists. The relationship between having little money and being dissatisfied or unhappy is prominent.

It turns out that the more money you have, the happier you are.

This is however only up to a level, the effect money has on happiness decreases as they become more affluent.

To put it another way: An increase in wealth from 0 million to 5 million have far greater impact on happiness, than from 45 million to 50 million.

Smart tips about getting rich

You follow the tips presented here, you will be rich no matter who you are or where you come from. Making money, increase revenue, focus on accumulating wealth, coupled with a strong motivation and stamina to keep it all going. Do as you have been told here and you will be rich.

Before you know it you've passed the first and the fifth -million in revenue. Eventually you sit there with 10 or 100 million account.

Then life will be good, but the beauty of our method to get rich is that it allows them to feel good and to new journey along the way too. In many cases, it will build up wealth to be just as exciting.

Method to get rich is very simple, and we have gone through the above shows roughly what needs to be done.

What you must do now is to start making more money and create some good extra income sources, and what could it be better than to try your hand at some of the suggestions we have already written about here on BliRik. com:

On the internet there is a jungle of exciting opportunities to make money, but also much that is just a waste of time. We show you how you can really make money on the internet.

Are you an entrepreneur type, you should also consider starting a business. Most self -made millionaires start businesses, it may not necessarily be a spectacular idea either, but you must have the talent to run business.

With little money in the account can participate in currency trading, it is an effective way to make money unless you first set get into how it's done. Another option is to place money in stocks and even commodities.

We also have many other tips on how to make money and get rich.

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