Trading Stocks: The Definitive Beginners Guide

Stock trading is pretty straightforward. Buying and selling shares is easy, but making consistent returns is shockingly difficult. Most traders will lose money. Welcome to the beginners guide to stock trading!

Stock trading ABC
18. July 2024 by Click insider / Finance

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In good times, it is not hard to make money to buy shares.

When stock prices are rising in value, you can just sit on the fence and watch your wealth increases in value. Obviously, this is an unrealized fortune. The trick is to sell before the shares start to go down in value again.

It's hard to buy stocks right at the top. Not even the experts fail to "time" the market so well that they buy at the bottom and sell at the top.

How to buy stocks

To buy shares must act through an online broker. You can buy shares commission free and also have the ability to trade other securities as well as commodities, currencies, exchange-traded funds and indexes.

The first thing to do with an online broker is to sign up, or alternatively download the trading program first, and then register. How the various networks mediate clean fixes this is a little different. Then put money into your trading account and can then start shopping right away.

Stock trading is more than just buying stocks

trading involves so much more than just buying and selling stocks. It is not just a økniing in price to make money. For example you can make money on any of this:

  • daytrading of stocks
  • CFD trading stocks
  • swing trading of stocks
  • savings in mutual funds
  • build your own stock portfolio
  • shorting of stocks
  • margin trading stocks

These are just some examples. The shorting can for example make money when stock prices drop to the value. If you are gearing your investment trades on margin, and can thus serve increase the return even if you do not increase the amount of investment (but with leverage also increases risk equivalent).

How to start making money in stocks

to make money on stocks you have to know what you are doing. The question then becomes, what is the best way to learn stock trading?

It is short, very much one can learn about stock trading. The easiest is probably not reading theoretical books on the topic, then you might just be even more confused.

The best way to learn to trade stocks is to start buying stocks as quickly as possible.

course with very small amounts at first, look at your first act as an experiment rather than smart investments that will yield returns.

Get practical experience of buying stocks

The trick is to start with the practical experience first. When you eventually begin to generate profits and make money on your actions in the stock market, then you can consider whether you should start investing slightly larger amount.

We wrote in the title that this was "all about stock trading" - and that is the fact. What you need to start with the stock trading experience, time and a little money to try out in the beginning.

The first week of stock trading is an experiment

Look at the early stages as an experiment, and do not expect to earn as much money in the beginning. It is highly likely that the first dollar you invest is going to be gone in no time, hence our advice to look at stock trading as lottery at the start.

Once you have gained some experience in buying shares, you may also consider reading some books share, but start first with getting some practical experience - then the theoretical books have much value to you.

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