Working hard & saving money will get you nowhere

Hard work and saving will get you nowhere financially if you don't know how to invest. But you too can get rich and make money!

Make money and get rich

Do you dream of getting rich in the future? Well, start by dreaming of being financially secure, because in 2020 or so the west will probably collapse in a fatal financial crisis. Being rich is nice, but being financially secure is a must if you care about your life at all.

24. April 2024 by Click insider / Finance

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The common assumption is that hard work combined with even harder savings will make you rich. As a rule, this is an unrealistic dream. You can over a lifetime to save up enough money for an OK retirement.

Just be a regular employee and work hard and save up part of the salary will hardly make you rich...

How to become rich. For real.

Start by finding an effective way to accumulate money.

  1. Trading and investing. There are few activities that are so lucrative once you master trading. The risk and the fact that one can not win all the time are factors that are difficult to accept for some, and very active trading and other securities (trading) fits probably not for everyone.
  2. Sell stuff you do not own on eBay. We read about an American who earns over $ 100,000 a month (around 600,000) of dropshipping, and since dropshipper takes care of all the physical and not does not matter where you live so you might as well run with it from. Get yourself a good dropshipping agreement with a company (wholesaler, supplier, etc.) that take orders and send directly to customers. Sell ​​candy hip's goods on eBay, product info and images has dropshippping fans already clear, and when you receive an order as simply submit this to the dropshipper, then send out the item directly to the customer. You do not package or send or at all to be in physical contact with the items you sell. Use Salehoo to find dropshippere and get information about how to make money dropshipping via eBay.
  3. Starting a business. For investors and traders, this is also applicable. To start an investment business (eg a holding company) makes it possible to make money without having to pay personal taxes. You only pay the private income tax when you take money out in dividends, and this is hugely beneficial.
    Starting business in general is one of the most common ways to get rich. In many cases, it takes several years to build up a profitable business. As for trading and trading, it is not possible to run such business in minus for several years. Here the positive returns come relatively quickly, preferably within the first måedene (some loss must be expected for new traders, even if you have previous experience as a "paper trades").
  4. Copy fellow traders. It pops up constantly new services and financial products that are revolutionizing the way we get a return on our money. Latest Now social trading. Use social investment networks where you can see what and how the best traders trades, and you can also copy the actions of these traders. If they make money, you make money. An ingenious service that facilitates trading to a degree, but of course there are no guarantees when it comes to financial trading. Instead of building up equity portfolios or portfolios of other financial instruments, you build up a kind of human-based portfolio.
  5. Self employed. Use the skills you already have and offer something of value. You need of course a good business plan. Is your business idea a lot further than this sentence, so it is too complicated. Think simple. Be smart. People want more freedom and less pain. Make sure the market is big enough, and let your business page be the solution to a known problem that people have.
  6. Buy, rent and sell real estate. Not all stock traders want to spend the rest of your life in front of a screen. The luxury of running with trading is that eventually you will build up quite a large deposit of money (hopefully). This means that you have new opportunities. The development property is one such opportunity. By buying properties cheaply, develop and sell at a profit you can earn even more money. If you buy property, you can also rent out in anticipation that property prices will increase - as you earn money from both rental income and from the increase in the property. "Ordinary people" never get this opportunity for input price to do this effectively starts at some million. A skilled trader will quickly build up some extra millions.
  7. Virtual property. This can be things like domain names, websites, online shops and so on. To build online stores or start blogging has proven to be extremely rewarding for many people around the world. When even young people well below the legal age unable to start a million shop online or earn hundreds of thousands on his blog, as it says little about the opportunities that exist here. You must always start with to buy a domain and a hosting (hosting service required to publish the website on your own domain), this costs very little. We recommend Bluehost, where you can buy web hosting and get free domain with the purchase and also have the click-ready solutions for both commerce, news sites, websites and blog.
  8. Do not limit yourself to stocks. As a trader, it is important to be aware of all the opportunities that exist. It's not just the stock market to make money. Foreign exchange (Forex), options, contracts for difference are examples of other possibilities you also should learn more about.

A regular job is not secure

Many choose to remain regular employee, in the belief that it is the safest choice. It's okay to make a little less, in exchange for security.

problem is that life as a worker simply is not any safer than many of the alternatives. On the whole it can actually be much more risky in the long run to be an employee.

Is it harder to make money online than in the "real world"?

According to some statistics, it is believed that income in western countries will be dramatically reduced by 2020. Like, total collapse.

There are still a few more years to make changes in your life, but even before that we can experience dramatic changes. Europe and the US is in a deep financial crisis (the worst part has not yet come), and you should do something about it.

The future is still unknown, but with today's development prospects are not promising to 2020, especially for those who have not prepared themselves for a potential financial disaster

It may therefore be wise to begin to prepare for a financial collapse now. Financial crises always affects the poor and middle class hardest. What you can start now to become a prosperous year ahead?

Your guarantee against bankruptcy

savings guarantee of personal finances is to establish independent business commitments. This can be by creating a holding company and securities trader through this, or start a different type of business.

Whoever looks at employer's safety net is actually without a safety net. The illusion that a regular job provides security has to go. Cutbacks going to be a reality, and when the first disaster strikes will come as a bolt from the blue.

stock markets may collapse, as many would probably assume that having money in the bank would be the safest. Those who know something about trading know that the economic crisis may be an equally good opportunity to make money in good times. In financial markets there are always opportunities to make money, it can not be said about the labor market.

Whether you want to get rich, earn extra money, or just prevent possible cutbacks at work, then financial markets a good place to start.

The assumption is that one puts into securities trading and the risks and opportunities this entails.

You should start making more money than your dayjob can provide. For starters, take a look at our advice on how to make money as a self employee.

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