Extra income from photography

Like creative challenges? Have photography as a hobby? Want to earn extra money on the internet? How can you sell your photos online.

Extra income from photography

This girl wrote to us and told us about something amazing... she was killing it making money taking photos with her phone. Go on and read the full article on making money taking pictures, this is really something that amazed us.

18. July 2024 by Click insider / Extra income

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Shane was writing to us about his photography hobby. In her photo collection, she has over 15,000 amateur photos.Now she has begun to make money selling photos online

I've always liked to take pictures. In the past it has been more than a hobby for now I earn some money from sales of my images. I hope to live to this day.

When I studied, I got to me that I should try to sell my paintings on eBay. At that time it was pretty bad pictures taken with an old Canon digital camera (Now I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC - G1 SLR).

I sold was licensed to photo packages and photo CD with license for commercial use. I sold a few thousand on eBay. As a student I lived in the scholarship and eBay proceeds from photo sales, loan Loan Fund I had not.

I fotsatt some CDs for sale on eBay but now I spend little time on this and I 'd better not have the same response as before.

Today I sell my photos via my own web page.A friend of mine has created web page. My blog I earn well in today, I have paypal payment, but the address of the blog I keep secret from you so that no copy my design: p

I put pictures in the online store roughly every two months. That often thousands of new images to be tagged. It's boring and takes a few hours, but Everything else automatically. The fit for me is that I spend little time in the store, payment is paypal system and delivery of images happens automatically. Then I get a lot of time to take pictures and do what I like best.

How to make money selling your photos online

You who do not have the knowledge and money to develop and market their own image online store, there are simpler and cheaper options:

Start by Read this guide to make money on photo online. You can earn money to register as a photographer and add your images to hundreds of sites on the internet.

A fictitious example of what you can earn using a sufficient established photographic services:

you have 5000 images, and hence you get approved 1,000 photos that you have posted in 100 established photographic services. You sell 10 pictures each week for each of these services, with a commission of $ 1 per image. You then have $ 1,000 in profits per week, or $ 52,000 a year (312.000 million).

There are many possible sources of income for the one photographer, hobby photographer, or just want a new way to make money using photo camera.

There is already a good guide on how you can make money shooting pictures and they sell online, and we therefore write more about this here, but refer instead to a website that has all the info you need about this: To earn money from your photos.

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