Making Money and BS on the web

Still interested in making money online? You you believe you can do it? This is the most important piece of information you will ever read.

Making Money BS
22. April 2024 by Click insider / Make Money

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Yes, this is the most important information you will ever come across. You have never seen anything like this before, and will never see anything like this again.

This is pure gold. Not digital gold. Not metaphoric gold. These words are actual gold.


Something is wrong on the internet.

Success kid will fix it. Be Bill. Be a man. Be Chuck. No, be the most interesting man in the world. Shut up and take my money.

There is nothing wrong on the internet.

Jedi hack: Don't look at the wrong. Look at what's write.

False claims of profit

Billions of words have been spoken about the act of making money. But not all claims of online profit making is true.

Listen, and listen well if you are actually interested in making money: On the web, it's not like there is some good advice on how to make money, and some bad advice.

The truth is much, much worse: It's almost entirely BS. Lies. Scams. Snakes. Twisted perceptions. It never ends. And it goes on and on. And people believe it. It's crazy.

And why should you trust these words? Really, why? Well, don't.

Don't trust anything you read, hear, see or experience on the internet.

Not until you are able to verify it. You be the judge. You decide. If it sounds like BS, it probably is. Move on. You want to give it a chance? You don't need more BS in your life.

Grow an extra brain, for real

Wait what? One is not enough? What are you talking about? An extra brain? Metaphorically speaking, like an artificial-intelligence-inside-my-phone brain?

No, nothing like that.

Like, grow-an-extra-brain brain.

A real brain. A true reality real something of a brain.

Dude, mam, why did you request an extra brain?

You didn't, didn't you?

But you did.

We know you did.

Nevermind. Let's create something better still, and this time it's for real.

Make yourself a BS-detector. It'll serve you well in life.

What you need is a BS detector

Yes. An actual BS-detector. A real one.

Unfortunately we don't sell it. And you can't buy it.

The best BS detectors are not for sale.

Can't be bought.

Can't be rented.

But you, and only you, can build it.

Start today. Life is short and brief. BS-detection is a skill. BS-detection is not only a skill, it's a superpower. It's like flying. You'll be able to fly past all the junk on the web.

The BS-detection superpower (can make you rich too)

BS-detection is a superpower skill, but that's not all.

Once you have integrated your BS-detector into your being, you will be able to enjoy living in reality. Life will. Never. Be. The. Same.

And once you're there, you will never consider returning to the fake world.

What are we talking about here, really? It's simple, and yet so complex most people don't get it, and they never will.

Do you want the truth?

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Do you want the truth, for free?

Well, you should have learned by now that you can't get nuffin for free. Ever kid knows that. Wisdom of truth right there, and you'd better start believing it too.

Expect to pay for the truth.

Because that is going to be expensive. Like, really, really expensive.

But you won't be able to pay cash, nor in crypto, or in gold, or in any tangible asset.

If you want the truth, all of it, you need to invest big, go all in.

Invest your soul, your life. If you really want the truth, be prepared to pay.

Then, once, someday, you can have the truth, and you can have the money. You can live the dream.

But dreams tend to change, drastically, once truth reveals itself.

What is... this?

Didn't you read the introduction?

This is the. Most. Important. Text. Ever. Written.


Most people will probably not understand this.

Will you?

Perhaps read it twice?

Twice a day, today.


All week.

Next week.

Read it hundred times over, then start reading it three times daily. Read it before you go to bed. Read it before you go out of bed. Read it while you sleep. Read it, over and over again. Just don't stop reading. This.

Because this is. The. Most. Important. Thing. Ever. Written.

Superpower coming your way

What if you could dissect the laws of human nature? What if you could directly access the fabric of reality?

BS-detection is a superpower. It goes beyond anything, and even anything anyone has ever spoken of. Ever. It's that powerful.

Making money, and BS-detection.

Do you see the connection?

Or at least begin to sense that these two skills correlate in certain ways?

Let us introduce you to a piece of information from reality, the real world, like, the nitty-gritty undisputed facts of reality:

BS-detection is a skill and can be learned. Making money is a skill and can be learned.

If some of these words did not ring true to you, it could be because they are not true. In your world, this sounds like total BS. Or could it be because you don't live in the real world, yet, and your BS-detection skills is not fully developed.

Now, from these pages, let us please introduce some concepts of making money that we believe to be true.

As always, be sure to turn your BS-detector on before accessing the material.

Yes, Show Me How To Make Money! (NO B.S. Guaranteed) Learn the truth about how to make real money online: Start Earning, Click Here