What is the best diet? Wait. What is the best of anything? It all depends. Really. There's isn't any universal diet for all people, not even for all adult healthy people.

18. July 2024 by Click insider / Human Body

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Diet Do's and Don'ts. Some usual do's includes things like: Diversify foods; Eat homemade food; Dont's: No artificial sweeteners; no industry sport drinks; no extra sugar; no tobacco; no vape; no processed food; no sugary drinks; no high-glycemic carbs. Limit: Alcohol consumption; Calories; Water consumption; Obsessing over food tracking. There are endless perspectives, and no right and wrong for all people. There is no correct way to lead life. Nothing is worse than becoming a diet warrior; Eat what you want, but if your diet is crap and you get sick, take full responsibility.


Electrolytes produces electrically conducting solutions when dissolved in water (or other polar solvent). When dissolved these separate into ions (atoms or molecules) with more electrons than protons (anions) and ions with fewer electrons than protons (cations). The solution is electrically neutral, but once electric potential is applied to the solution the cations will be drawn to the electrode that has an abundance of electrons, while the anions are drawn to the electrode that has a deficit of electrons. The movement of anions and cations in opposite directions within the solution amounts to a current.

Electrolytes in the human body:

  • sodium (Na+)
  • potassium (K+), K from Neo-Latin kalium.
  • calcium (Ca2+)
  • magnesium (Mg2+)
  • chloride (Cl)
  • hydrogen phosphate (HPO42−)
  • hydrogen carbonate (HCO3)

Supplementation of electrolytes has been used in sports and high intensity athletic activity, hiking, fasting, restricted calorie intake diets, in medicine. Typically found in sport drinks, but can easily be made at home much cheaper and with better ingredients.

Stupid Diets

Diets can be categorized and sorted in different ways, based on food type, user goup, eating habits, or anything, literally anything. It's stupid.

Most diets are stupid. There's a diet for everything. There are non-stupid diets, but most diets are stupid. Idiotic. Moronic. Many diets are exactly the same diet, or perhaps with some insignificant twist. The goal is not fitness, but rather money, or some other agenda: Some diets are just invented for the gain of profit.

Some diets are not too bad. Some diets have medical purposes, health purposes, but many diets have financial purposes or other agendas. There's sound dietary advice, but most of what you read on nutrition and nourishment is stupid.

Proof of Stupid Diets: Wikipedia List of Diets

Yes, most diets are stupid. Wikipedia is rarely the best source for anything, but they do have a large list of diets.

  • Belief-based diets include Buddhist diet; Hindu and Jain diets; Islamic dietary laws (halal diet, no halal food, which is alcohol, pork, non-Dhabiha meat; I-tal; Kosher diet (Jewish dietary laws; Seventh-day Adventist diet;
  • Calorie and weight control diets. Low-calorie diets including 5:2 diet; Intermittent fasting; Body for Life; Cookie diet; The Hacker's Diet; Nutrisystem diet; Weight Watchers diet. Very low calorie diets including Inedia; KE diet.
  • Low-carbohydrate diets including Atkins diet (Robert Atkins); Dukan Diet (high protein and limited carbohydrate); Kimkins (found to be fraudulent); South Beach Diet ("choosing the right carbs and the right fats"); Stillman diet.
  • Low-fat diets including the McDougall's starch diet (high calorie, fiber, low fat. Based on starches: potatoes, rice, and beans. Excludes all animal foods and added vegetable oils).
  • Crash diets such as Beverly Hills Diet; Cabbage soup diet; Grapefruit diet; Monotrophic diet; Subway diet.
  • Detox diets aims to either consuming or attempting to flush out substances that are considered unhelpful or harmful. Including Juice fasting; Master Cleanse.
  • Diets followed for medical reasons such as DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, high blood pressure); Diabetic diet; Elemental diet (medical, liquid-only diet); Elimination diet (for identifying foods which cause a person adverse effects, by process of elimination); Gluten-free diet; Gluten-free, casein-free diet; Healthy kidney diet; Ketogenic diet; Liquid diet; Low-FODMAP diet; Soft diet; Specific carbohydrate diet.
  • Food-specific fad diets such as the alkaline diet; Baby food diet; Cabbage soup diet; Carnivore diet; Clean eating; Egg and wine diet; Fruitarianism; Gluten free diet (it's a fad diet if it's for people not having celiac disease or gluten sensitivity); Grapefruit diet; Morning banana diet; Modern version of the paleolithic diet; Pegan diet; Superfood diet; Whole30 diet.
  • Fad diets with Low-carbohydrate / high-fat diets: Atkins diet; Bulletproof diet; Dukan Diet; Hamptons Diet; "Keto" or ketogenic diet; Protein Power diet; Rosedale; Salisbury; Stillman; Sugar Busters; Zone diet; Scarsdale medical diet; South Beach Diet; The 4-Hour Body.
  • Fad high-carb/low-fat diets: F-plan; Ornish diet; McDougall diet; Pritikin Diet (basically diet of unprocessed food); Rice diet; The Good Carbohydrate Revolution.
  • Liquid fad diets such as the Cambridge Diet; Slim-Fast; KE diet.
  • Fasting fad diets 5:2 diet; Breatharian diet (why eat food when you can feast on spirituality and eat sunlight); Dubrow Diet; Intermittent fasting; Juice fasting; Orthopathy; Protein-sparing modified fast; The Last Chance Diet.
  • Detoxifying fad diets including Detox diet; Fat Flush Plan; Lemon detox diet; Activated charcoal diet; Wheatgrass diet.
  • Other fad diets mentioned are the Blood type diet (diets reflect people's blood types); Cotton ball diet; Immune Power Diet; Werewolf diet.
  • Vegetarian diets including Fruitarian diet (raw fruit); Lacto vegetarianism (certain types of dairy allowed); Ovo vegetarianism (yes eggs, no dairy); Ovo-lacto vegetarianism (eggs and dairy allowed); Vegan diet (no animal produced food, including eggs, dairy, honey).
  • Semi-vegetarian diets is mostly vegetarian diet, but meat is occasionally eaten. Includes the Kangatarian diet (kangaroo meat); Pescetarian diet (fish, no other meat); Planetary Health Diet (aims to feed world's population and be environmentally sustainable); Plant-based diet (mostly plant, some animal produce); Pollotarian (chicken/poultry, but no mammals; Pollo-pescetarian (poultry, fish, seafood, no mammal meat).
  • Other diets includes a large list of even more stupid diets.


Vegetables... good. Vegetables with poison in it, not good. But vegetables, by and large good.


Eggs... good. Clarification: Good eggs is good. Bad eggs is bad. It's a simplification, but it really is that simple. Unless your allergic. But there's always exceptions to everything.


Meat... good. Good meat good, bad meat bad.


Supplements are ment to be supplemental. Should you supplement with supplements? Perhaps, perhaps not. Can be good, can be bad.

Coffee and Caffeine

Coffee is good for your health. Coffee is bad for your health. Science claims both. Coffee could extend your life and make you happier. Coffee could cap years off your life. Coffee is a slow killer. Drink coffee for longevity. Don't dring coffee for longevity. You will find scientific papers supporting all these claims. In conclusion, science doesn't know. The scientific reporting from journalists on the subject of coffee seems like complete bullshit. A lot of harmful substances hsa been proven to be safe, even beneficial. But the fact remains, if it's harmful, it's by definition harmful, regardless of the reporting.

People have various responses when taking caffeine. A safe dose for some could be lethal for others. But is coffee and caffeine safe at all, in any dosage? The best way to learn is to experiment. If you don't drink coffee and don't consume caffeine, it might be wise to continue the absence. If you're a habitual coffee drinker or consume any amount of caffeine, experiment with reduction in dosages or go cold turkey and se what happens. Doing experiments on your own is often better than concluding based on findings in scientific papers.

Coffee might actually kill you, or it might not. It might just make social interaction more enjoyable. It might just make your mornings a little brighter. It might destroy your sleep and give you cancer. Or it might something else. Who knows. Science does not know, it seems.

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