How this super affiliate system makes money

The website greets you with a proposal of free training on how to make a seven figure side-income from the internet. What they don't tell you, is how they themselves make money.

Super affiliates
22. April 2024 by Click insider / Affiliate

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To be fair, it is obvious how this super affiliate system makes their money:

Learning how to make serious bucks from some of the most talented people in internet marketing isn't going to be free.

You have to sign up, and pay for it as well. That's how they themselves collect money from this website. In short, this website makes money from:

  • Membership fees
  • Content behind a paywall

Just to be clear, the super affiliate system we are talking about is this brilliant website and they are probably raking in more in a day than you do in one year.

If you are interested in building any online business, don't just buy their product, learn from what they are doing as well, not just from what they are telling you. Actually, the most important stuff you will learn from them is not what they tell you, but what they will reveal in their own tactics.

The site is brilliant, and the content is great, but that's nothing compared to the value you will get from observing these masterminds of internet marketing up close.

Freemium and then suddenly... a paywall

Yes, the site is free... for a while.

It's free in that early stage, and honestly, the free content you will get is well worth the investment, no matter who you are, as long as you are interested in learning how to make money from the web, even for professional internet entrepreneurs.

After that first stage, you will have to pay, if you want to learn more. The real value of this site is behind a paywall.

So, the site creates revenue from the content which is placed behind a paywall. Users will have to pay to access the most valuable content, but some of it is actually free and available for anyone who signs up.

How the site is marketed

The site is marketed like most sites in the ClickBank affiliate network. Through this network they can be promoted by any CB affiliate, and they have leveraged the power of this network to the fullest. Although the marketing isn't free for the site owners, it's a cost efficient way to promote any online business.

They will pay affiliates for referrals, but affiliates will only get paid when the users they refer to the site acutally makes a sale. If there is no sale, affiliates will not make money.

There are hundreds of thousands products in the ClickBank marketplace. This site is at the very top, one of the most popular ones in the whole ecosystem there, and you don't earn this spot easily. They have done so many things right, and that's why this site itself is interesting.

You really can learn a lot from this site, both from the content itself, and to observe carefully how it operates.

Your light bulb moment in learning how to operate a profitable online business

You will learn a lot from the content itself, but to be honest, the one takeaway that will blast the mind of even the most experienced internet marketers out there, is this:

The site itself, how it is built, how it collects the revenue, how it operates, observing this for yourself will teach you a lot about how to operate a rewarding online business. Probably even more valuable than the content, will be to study this site in detail.

You will learn more about online entrepreneurship from this site alone, than from most other sites, just by studying how they operate.

Once you dig down and really understand how this sites operates on every level, you will understand that the "7 figures as a side-income" is no longer a preposterous proposal, but in fact a real opportunity for you.

You can create wealth from home, and if you are really wise, you will not only pay attention to the content offered from this site, but also from how the site operates.

There is true value and incredible powerful insigth to be gained if you allow yourself to fully understand how this site operates on every level.

They have leveraged affiliates, they have maximized their ROI and buildt a cash machine. The content is good, but man, if you take in how the site itself operates, that is probably going to be your brightest light bulb moment.

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