What Are Humans For?

Is there a purpose of human life? Is there any meaning of our existence at all? And if no, what's the point of anything?

24. April 2024 by Click insider / Human Condition

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Answer 1: Humans are not for anything. They are not made to serve a higher purpose. Our existence does not have any purpose. People may experience emotional connections with something greater than themselves, but feeling something does not make the things real. Humans just are. Cause and effect. Nothing more, nothing less. However. A life deprived of meaning is no justification for seeking death, as it may be equally pointless; no more meaning can be attained from your insignificant annihilation and trivial afterlife. There is, as the existential nihilists believe, no intrinsic meaning or value to any single human, the entire human species or the universe.

Answer 2: Internal purpose. Externally everything is meaninglessness, yet we may insert our own subjective meaning into the equation. Become the Jedi Master of the universe itself, simply by injecting purpose itself into your internal world. Should this solution be unsatisfactory, it may suggest the precense of cognitive dissonance and deeply held beliefs in a purposeful external world.

Answer 3: External purpose. Give life meaning by seeking purpose beyond oneself. Perhaps if you cannot find purpose through introspection, you will discover the true meaning of life by connecting and caring about other people, other beings, and nature itself.

Answer 4: The question is the answer.

Answer 5: God created humans. Their purpose is for them to discover. Take the journey.

Answer 6: Superhuman entities made us. Why? For experimenting, in the name of science. For human farming: Homo sapiens is to aliens as sheep is to people. Perhaps it's just extraterrestrials having fun; the emergence of humans and society is the ultimate recursive prank, or simply one giant blunder.

Answer 7: Humans are living in a simulation. The simulation you're in right now might be just one of many, or even infinite, simulations. The singularity is just an add-on to this theory, and defines the occurrence of superhuman artificial intelligence. Down down the rabbit hole, beneath the AI and there's the goal.

Answer infty : Love is the answer.

Answer 9: Extreme solipsism. Only your mind exists, nothing else. The external world and other minds does not exist. If you think this idea is childish, you're not wrong. You too once were an solipsistic infant. But most children eventually infer that others have experiences much like themselves and then reject the idea. Some will remain stubborn solipsists. When solipsist die, it really will be the end of the world as they know it.

Answer 10: Humans sole purpose is to benefit those in power. The elite superhumans. Mere humans are slaves, society is a tool. Humans are to be governed. They will be watched over and inspected. Society will be regulated, cencored and its people will be directed, controlled, indoctrinated. Will be. Have been. Ich been.

Answer 11: Realization, evolution, becoming, transformation. Through evolution become something greater, evolve as humans into whatever will be our future descendants. To survive as long as possible into the future. To live to the end of the world, or to even trancend the life of the universe, escape the multiverse. To advance technology exponentially and eventually create God itself, rewind time and actually effect the cause.

Answer 12: To make money and amass wealth. That is the true purpose in life. Generate as much profit for yourself as you possibly can, amass wealth forever, chas safe havens throughout your life, just so that you can die as the richest person in the graveyard, or to pass your fortune on to your children, community or any other cherished cause. To make wealth, for yourself, or for others.

Answer 13: To create.

Answer 14: Winning is the answer. Everything in life has to be about winning. Get busy winning, or get used to losing. A very controversial figure once said, winning without problem is just victory, but winning with lots of trouble create History.

Answer 15: The purpose of humans is to be as stupid as humanly possible. Ties in with the singularity idea. Stupidity is the one thing that will beat artificial intelligence, and the one thing A.I. will never comprehend. Einsteins reassuring remark of the two infinite things: the universe and human stupidity ("and I'm not sure about the former") restored faith in humanity. As long as there will be stupid people, there will be people.

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